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Very popular with children and teens, Bratz is a popular line of 10-inch fashion dolls with their trademark large heads, skinny bodies, almond-shaped eyes with eyeshadow, and lush lips manufactured by MGA Entertainment and marketed toward 4 to 8 year-olds. The Bratz doll franchise was created by toy designer Carter Bryant, who came from Mattel, and made their debut in 2001. The dolls did not sell too well initially. Originally there were 4 dolls in the series (Yasmin, Sasha, Jade, and Cloe). Later the line was expanded to include Bratz Boyz, Petz, and Lil Bratz.

The animated children's TV series is a computer generated 3D creation produced by Mike Young Productions and MGA Entertainment and debuted on FOX in 2005.

Trivia: Criticism has been on how provocative looking the dolls should be. Barbie sued and won for copyright infringement in 2008. Feel free to look around a bit.

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